Unit 1 assessment

1. Develop your Project Proposal to plan a challenging and self-directed programme of study.
On main blog page, under HOME tag
a. Research Paper/ MA Thesis
b. Outline MA Paper
c. Title & Abstract from MA Paper
d. CaroselloMPR
e. Carosello Proposal
f. Project Proposal

Link to download Carosello Proposal with Pictures  e.Carosello Proposal 1 10 11-2

2. Demonstrate a critical engagement with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion.

Gallery visits and Research / Practice-based
Blog home page, Gallery Visits and Research tag

a. March 2011 Wayne Thiebaud at Museo Morandi

b. May 2011 Galleria Poggiali & Forconi

c. June 2011 EX3 contemporary art gallery

d. July 2011 Enzo Pazzaghi Art Park

e. September 2011 Art Therapy Session

f. December 2011 Nuremburg Toy Museum and public art.

– List of Misc.Web page research during first year

2a. contribute actively to debate and discussion.

The dialogues from the chat sessions are probably my favorite part of the course. I get inspiration and encouragement from this collective intelligence. Looking up the web sites and other resources mentioned in our chat sessions are are very informative and often entertaining.

Q&A post under home tag

3. Articulate a clear understanding of the methodology and context of your creative practice in both written and verbal forms.

With the leasing of a small studio space I am facilitating my methodology action points.

1. Social awareness of the “overlooked”
-concepts developed
-design in final stages (sketches)
-gathering props and photo resources
– joined Florence Photo Group

2. Reinvent object, use scale. Bicycle Sculpture, transient nature of ownership.
-concept  & design solidified
-gathering resources (new studio mate works on bicycles)

3. Exploring the idea of relic veneration, I intend to create “relics”out of found objects.
-design concept done
-resources collected
-production in progress (exhibit spring 2012)

4.Personal web site
-in process of gaining more personal control
-Domain name done
-Hosting undecided
-functional by May 2012

5. Producing a Solo Exhibit:
Trial Run, Eskimo Exhibit May 2012
main blog page, my exhibits/things I’ve done tag
–  culmination of MA course activities, Final student exhibit

6. Develop a syllabus for a course or courses involving
creative object reuse in design and execution.
main blog page, my exhibits/things I’ve done tag
– Course Outline rec des.doc
– Green Design Edit.doc
-associated research
Green History
Green History 2

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