ReArtEco 2011 March 14 – 21
An annual exhibit held in Florence, Italy  to showcase creative re-use of discarded or surplus resources.
Organized by a good group of dedicated people, great for networking work spaces and resources.  Have made connections through the ReArteco facebook page                           (, where most all posts are in Italian.
My two pieces this year consisted of an Icon for Toxic waste constructed from found objects. The second piece was a redo of my first year’s entry Bodonna which was lost in a move to Los Angeles. Bodonna II starts with a base print of Bodonna on canvas, framed in a shadow box and accented with relevant constructions  honoring womanhood.

June 2011 Solo exhibit Eskimo Club, Florence, Italy


This show consisted of 16 pieces created over the last two years. A very interesting experience – negotiating the exhibit, installing the exhibit and the removing the exhibit with related storage issues.

October -November 2011
Two trips to Dublin. Art Directed events and designed graphics for Peadar Kearney’s Pub.



my Stacked, wrapped, whacked piece exhibited at local cafe:

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